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FAQ for Photographers

What type of photographs is PPH looking for?

Our photographs command attention and are easy to relate to. We want photos that model positive health behavior — like eating healthy or wearing a helmet when you ride a bike. Our photos are high-quality, realistic, diverse, and sensitive to cultural differences. For more details on our approach, see the Photo Guidelines.

Do you accept video as well as photos? What about vector illustrations, original artwork, or that kind of thing?

Not for now — we’re currently focusing only on photographs. But we might add other formats to our library in the future.

How does PPH decide what photos to accept?

Picture Public Health has clear health and safety criteria for the photos we accept. We base them on our staff’s years of public health experience and collaborative work with public health professionals, physicians, other health and safety subject matter experts (SMEs), and clients such as American Academy of Pediatrics and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

How does payment work?

We pay $4 per download. Check out the Submission & Payment Process section for more information.

Who handles the legal paperwork?

Filling out legal paperwork — like model releases — is your sole responsibility, not ours. If you don’t protect yourself, you’re responsible for any bad stuff that might happen. So don’t let bad stuff happen! For your own sake, make sure you understand your legal responsibilities before you submit any photos.

How do I submit photographs?

Just take a stroll over to Upload Photos.

Got questions that a mere FAQ can’t answer?

Email us at or tweet @PicPublicHealth.