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Submission & Payment Process

Getting your photos onto the Picture Public Health marketplace — and getting paid — is easy. Here’s how it works.

  1. Upload your photos
  2. Wait for us to approve your photos
  3. Get paid — once your photo has been purchased and downloaded


We pay $4 for each time someone buys one of your photos. Payday comes at the end of the month. We handle all financial transactions electronically — just enter your information in the Payment section.

Yep — it’s that simple.


When you submit photos to Picture Public Health, they’re under a non-exclusive license: you keep the rights to the photo (so you can sell it somewhere else too, if you want). See our License Agreement for details.

For buyers, all photos are licensed without exclusivity (royalty-free) — multiple buyers can purchase and use the same image. Buyers have the flexibility to use photos multiple times, in various situations and for an unlimited time, as long as it’s not for commercial use (see Terms & Conditions for all the details).

Submission and Approval

After you submit a photo, we’ll let you know if it’s been accepted (yay!) or rejected (sorry!) within 10 days. If a photo gets rejected and you have questions, just send us an email for more detailed feedback.