About Us

Picture Public Health is a creation of CommunicateHealth, a leading health education and communication firm based in Northampton, Massachusetts.

We’re a team of health communicators with years of experience.

We noticed a problem. So we solved it.

Getting the perfect stock photography for a health project is essential — whether it’s a new digital tool or a public health campaign. But for us, finding those just-so images was really, really hard — it took hours of slogging through tons of stagey, tired, and clichéd photos.

We knew there had to be a better way. So we decided to make it ourselves. Picture Public Health features images that:

  • Are high-quality, honest, and compelling
  • Reflect cultural and ethnic diversity — and a range of sizes, ages, incomes, and locations
  • Model healthy behaviors and emphasize medical accuracy
  • Are affordable, even for organizations on a budget

We know public health, and our mission is clear: to help you find the perfect photos to make your next health project a brilliant, oh-so dazzling success.